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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

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Athena SWAN

Lancaster Institute for the Contemporary Arts is committed to work towards the advancement of gender equality: representation, progression and success for all.

We are part of the University-wide effort to encourage and nurture gender equality and diversity in Higher Education. In April 2017 we began working towards a Bronze Athena SWAN Award, looking to endorse and enhance the culture of equality, diversity and inclusion that LICA aspires to achieve for all students and staff. We submitted for the Bronze Award in November 2018 which was conferred in April 2019.

You can read LICA’s Bronze Award submission here: [Bronze Award link]

Our Guidelines for Preventing Sexual Harassment can be found here: [Guidelines for Preventing Sexual Harassment ]

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LGBTQIA+ Support

Our department is home to a diverse community of staff and students who identify as being part of the LQBTQIA+ spectrum.

Lancaster Institute for the Contemporary Arts is committed to supporting students and colleagues who face additional challenges in their lives caused by their gender identity or sexual orientation. Our department is proud to be part of the University-wide ‘Safe Home Base’ LGBTQIA+ Ally Network. We have several staff volunteers who act as Allies, who can be approached by staff or colleagues for guidance or help, and can act as active listeners to LGBTQIA+ students and staff’s experiences.

LICA’s staff Allies are as follows:

To maintain the integrity of LICA’s LGBTQIA+ community, we are currently developing a network for LGBTQIA+ postgraduate students and staff, which can be accessed through Microsoft Teams.

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Decolonising LICA Group

The Decolonising LICA Group (DLG) is a safe space for all staff and PhD students to come together to discuss issues of decolonisation as it relates to our teaching, research and organisational culture within LICA.

Throughout the year, the group meets on a regular basis, usually online, to talk about a particular aspect of decolonisation. To help with discussions, the group may ask members to read or watch something beforehand, or may have guest speakers. The group's also keen to supplement these discussions by actively making positive changes to staff members' working lives in terms of decolonisation. DLG is currently led by Dr Chris Boyko and Dr Naomi Jacobs, both Lecturers in Design.

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University-wide EDI news

March 2022: Lancaster University commended by Stonewall for commitment to LGBTQ+ inclusion at work [full article available via the staff intranet]

Lancaster University has received a Silver award from Stonewall for its commitment and efforts to become an LGBTQ+ employer. These awards have been created in the attempt to highlight the importance of inclusive work environments.

March 2022: Lancaster University's annual EDI report released [full article available via the staff intranet]

The University’s annual EDI report for 2020-21 has been published, giving details of the institution's EDI objectives, initiatives and examples of good practice from across the University.


If you have concerns or suggestions about any EDI-related matters, please get in touch with either of the EDI co-chairs, Dr Bruce Bennett and Dr Chris Boyko, or either of the student EDI ambassadors, Damla Campion, (Second-year BA Hons Film and English Literature student), and Sarah Andrews (Third-year BA Hons Film and English Literature student). All communications will be treated confidentially.