LICA PhD research student’s film selected for Denver digital animation

1 October 2018 16:00
An image from Innominate

The five day festival took place over the giant LED screens normally used for advertising in the city. It is a unique showcase for what the organiser, Ivan Zeile of Denver Digitari, calls ‘motion-based art’, and attracts many leading international artists in the field.

Tess is in the third year of her practice based PhD in Contemporary Art, and works in, and out of, the virtual world of Second Life under the pseudonym of Tizzy Canucci. This is the third year running that Tess has had work selected for Supernova. For those who won’t be in Denver, ‘Innominate’ can be found on Vimeo, alongside over 40 of her other works.

Tess describes the digital environment where she works: "Second Life is a remarkably long lived part of the internet. Now 15 years old, it pays its way for its owners, Linden Lab - without ripping user data and invading privacy. There are many creative people working within it who have developed its possibilities. The virtual world is made from user created content, a shared aesthetic environment made by many people rather than designed by a games studio. In my practice I produce machinima – motion based art – out from this environment, often mixing it with Creative Commons music and archive material".

Supernova Outdoor Digital Animation Festival

Picture Credits: Tizzy Canucci

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