Rethinking Symposia

Image of Nathan Jones
Dr Nathan Jones, LICA

Dr Nathan Jones is currently carrying out consultation for Dundee based art organisation NEoN Digital Arts, rethinking what symposia can be in the context of today’s new media art, particularly in the post-covid situation. The consultation builds on Dr Jones’ concept for a “distributed critique” – an innovative model for collaborative and cross-disciplinary art criticism that accounts for the complexity of lots of today’s artworks. Part of the consultation has included inviting a range of curators, artists, and people from other fields to model possible new combinations of activities, artworks, contributors and participants, and how these might be thought anew through virtual and a-synchronous learning models that have become more popular in the last few weeks. These workshops were led by Dr Jones and Dr Daphne Dragona, and included participants from across Europe with particular expertise in cross disciplinary and participatory approaches to art.


This activity is produced for ‘NEoN (North East of North) in collaboration with The Innovation School, The Glasgow School of Art. Supported through The Value of Creative Growth, an Innovation Leadership Fellowship funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC)’

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