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About us

Lancaster Medical School is recognised for its subject expertise, supportive community and satisfied students. As a team, we nurture talent to bring out the full potential of our students.

Our professional values

Lancaster Medical School works under the General Medical Council (GMC) professional values and fitness to practise guidelines.

The aim of this guidance is specific to medical students with a view to balance a positive approach to professional behaviour embedding and developing consistent fitness to practise procedures, essential to a successful career within the health sector.

A student doctor examines a patient

"Strive to be the best doctor you can be, competent in your knowledge and clinical skills, nonetheless aware of your limits. Always make the care and safety of your patients your first concern, communicate with them, empathise with them and show them compassion and dignity.

You must work collaboratively with colleagues and treat them with courtesy and respect. Be honest and worthy of the trust patients hold in you and the trust society holds in your profession."

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Athena SWAN

The Athena Swan Silver Award recognises our commitment to advancing the careers of women in higher education and research.

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Widening participation

The Lancaster Medical School is committed to recruiting students from all backgrounds, to ensure that our future doctors reflect the diversity within our society. Find out more about the range of different initiatives available at Lancaster University.

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