Everyone counts: Widening participation at LMS

'Everyone counts' is a fundamental value of the NHS and healthcare professionals deliver care to individuals from a range of backgrounds, with differing beliefs and life experiences every day. We therefore need to recruit students to our medical schools to reflect the diversity within our society. 

However, at Lancaster Medical School, we recognise that there can be many barriers facing individuals who want to study medicine. We believe individuals should have equal opportunity throughout their journey to medicine. This includes exploring medicine as a possible career choice; making informed decisions about courses available; making an application and navigating the admissions process through to becoming a medical student at Lancaster Medical School.

Through our widening participation agenda, we are developing a range of initiatives at each stage of a student's journey:

  • We host a range of activities for school students who are interested in studying medicine including Open DaysSchool Talks, Taster Days and Summer School activities
  • Our admissions page provides more information about applying for medicine and provides helpful guides of things to think about.
  • All students at Lancaster Medical School have access to a range of resources and supports to help them with the challenges and opportunities of studying medicine

If you are a student interested in studying medicine:

If you are a teacher or school interested in supporting your students:

If you are a parent:

Find out more about our Widening Participation plans and how they link with the Medical Schools Council's key objectives around 'Selecting for Excellence'.