The Covid-19 Contact Network Survey (CoCoNet)

The Covid-19 Contact Network Survey

The CoCoNet study aims to measure the social contact patterns of people in the UK during the pandemic, to understand how the spread of COVID-19 is affected by our social behaviour.

The results of the survey will be used to improve modeled predictions of COVID-19 transmission in the UK, and to help identify which restrictions could be lifted safely in the future. The research may also be used to inform contact tracing efforts and the NHS Test and Trace system.


People of all ages and occupations who live in the UK are encouraged to take part. The survey asks participants questions about how often they leave their home, the number of people they encounter during a day and which types of locations they visit.

The project has been designed by Statistics and Epidemiology PhD student Jessica Bridgen, in association with her supervisors, Dr Jonathan Read and Dr Chris Jewell.

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