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I would be happy to work with students whose projects relate to my research interests, including work on theories of practice, time, space, rhythm, materiality, embodiment, habit, consumption, demand, mobility, energy, travel, and public health, smoking, obesity, and exercise.

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I am interested in working with PhD candidates in the areas of sociology, media studies, mobilities research, science and technology studies and have particular research interests in: Mobilities, mobile technology, mobile media Science, technology, responsible research and innovation Digital media and online cultures Design, art, creativity Disaster, crisis, security

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I am available to supervise PhD projects in the areas of: advertising, public relations and branding; consumption and consumer society; media and culture; friendship and sociality; gender and culture; media and cultural theory.

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I am looking to supervise students interested in the intersections between some of the following areas: economic sociology, science and technology studies, non-representational/affect theory, consumption/consumer behaviour, data proliferation/informational mobilities, digital methods, debt/credit/money, open access publishing

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I am willing to supervise PhD projects on social and political theory, the city, the sociology of art (especially cinema), and security and terror. In the past I have supervised to completion 11 PhD projects on urban sociology, the sociology of sense, globalization, ethics and morality, migration, cinema and critical sociology. Please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss possible topic and themes for PhD projects.

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I am interested in working with students in any area of gender studies, media studies, cultural studies or visual culture, but have particular research interests in:

Embodiment and performance
Femininities, including queer and trans femininities
Gender and popular culture
Digital media and online cultures
Celebrity cultures

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I am happy to collaborate with students with any of the following research interests: cultural anthropology, digital culture, internet, television, journalism, social media, convergence, media industries, media activism, indigenous media, media policy, social justice movements, digital money, democracy, start-up culture, culture industries, critical theory, neoliberalism, ethnographic methods, experimental field methods, the public sphere, and video and television production.

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I am interested in supervising students with interests in social demography, family sociology, gender, and health disparities. My research interests focus broadly on maternal, child, and reproductive health, including the measurement and social consequences of infertility, gender disparities in child health and feeding practices, and risk factors for maternal malnutrition. Proposals within these broad areas would be welcomed. Much of my work focuses on low- and middle-income countries, but I am open to supervising theses in other settings as well.

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I would be interested in supervising research students within the areas related to my research interests, for example: Citizenship and related including but not restricted to: cultural aspects of citizenship, sexual citizenship, intimate citizenship, citizenship and affect, or transnational citizenship; citizenship training or the like (e.g. citizenship curriculum in England; citizenship classes and ceremonies for immigrants), and so on. Migration and related aspects, including but not restricted to: migrant/diasporic/transnational lives; migration and national politics (policies, border controls, etc.), queer migrations, etc.. Multiculturalisms; 'race', racisms;

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My main areas of research and supervisory interest are:

Critical Theory and the Frankfurt School (especially, Walter Benjamin, Siegfried Kracauer)

Contemporary social and cultural theory (especially continental theory)

Visual culture (especially film and photography)

Metrropolitan and urban culture and theory

Sociology and literature

Autobiography, biography, history and memory

Holocaust studies

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Dr Grover welcomes PhD proposals in the areas of social security policy, particularly in the areas of conditionality, disability benefits, wage supplements (Tax Credits and Universal Credit) and 'excpetional expenses'; relationships between crime and inequality; relationships between crime and social policy.

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Cultural examinations of news coverage, press and politics surrounding US President Donald Trump; interactions of news, power and control, proximity, memory, geography, and race

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Yang would be happy to work with students in (the intersection of) the following areas: sociology of families (marriage and intimate relationships, intergenerational relations, child development, and gender), regional and international migration, race and ethnicity, globalisation and transnationalisation, East Asian societies, and research methodology.

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I would be happy to work with students whose projects relate to my areas of interest, including everyday life; mobilities (including tourism, transport, migration, global networks and circulation); theories of practice; consumption; material objects, cultures and networks; infrastructures and dynamics of energy demand.

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I welcome applications for PhD supervision and I am happy to discuss proposals in any of the following areas: The cultural politics of austerity/poverty, welfare policy and change, the welfare state, representations/experiences of social class and/or gender, television, feminist activism and theory, parenting culture

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I am particularly interested in receiving applications to work in the following fields:
state theory, governance and governance failure, cultural political economy, contemporary capitalism (including varieties of capitalism and variegated capitalism) Applicants should be aware that I will be retiring from a full-time academic position in 2020 and, while I will be able to supervise existing students to completion after that date, applicants for 2016-2017 onwards will need a co-supervisor from within the Faculty to ensure continuity of supervision. I am willing to assist applicants in the search for suitable co-supervisors.

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minority rights, Roma minority, European public policy, refugee and asylum seekers, community development, social exclusion and poverty, social movements,

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I am broadly interested in supervising students on topics related to questions of technology and social change, such as sociology of innovation, online ethnography, data and algorithms, media archaeology, media ecology, media theory, cybernetics, information security, hacking, smart cities, collaborative production, collaborive consumption, history of technology, software studies, technology and social change, engineering cultures, technology and identity, technology non-use, detox, techno-utopianism, techno-dystopianism.

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As ESRC North West Doctoral Training Centre Lancaster pathway lead for social work I am happy to take students with a serious interest in taking the social work and social care practice knowledge base further particular on an international and/or comparative level. In addition I have strong research interests in child protection (especially in the development and application of new technologies) and also gambling, criminal careers, resilience and vulnerability.

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politics, theories, representations and popular narratives of reproduction feminist technoscience studies genomics and the media bioart and genomics popular biographies of scientists science and technology in popular culture cultural studies of technoscience power, theory and knowledge (particularly with reference to gender) feminist theory, practice and pedagogy class politics and relations, gender and class, inequalities and social justice

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I am particularly interested in supervising projects that deal with one or more of the following topics: popular music, digital media, remix culture, participatory culture, fan culture, social media, nostalgia, analogue revival culture, amateur culture, and viral media.

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I am interested in working with students in any area of disability studies and would particularly welcome applications on issues relating to welfare reform, disability policy, experiences of disabled people who use health and social care services, and critical professional practice.

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Topics I would be interested in supervising include:
science, technology and medicine studies - in particular studies of clinical practice, learning and evidence telecare and domestic space; governance and ethics of new care technologies; evidence in action studies; lay ethnographies of technoscience; disaster and recovery studies; disease containment strategy - in particular zoonoses

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Child trafficking, child sexual exploitation

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I would be happy to supervise doctoral students in most of the areas that ASSURE covers.

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I am interested in a number of research areas, mostly focusing on issues relating to health, embodiment, sexuality, reproduction and biology.
I have co-supervised 10 PhD students to completion to date and all have passed with no or minor amendments:
- Lin Wen-Yuan (2005) who worked on kidney dialysis in Taiwan;
- Kaori Sasaki (2006) who worked on brain death and organ transplantation in Japan;
- Ranjini C.R. (2006) who worked on health information systems in southern India
- Anne Rudolph (2009) whose thesis focussed on young lesbian, bi-sexual and queer women's understandings of sexually transmitted infections;
- Clare Hollowell (2010) who studied young women's experiences of fun; and
-Shih, Li-Wen (2012) whose research focussed on prenatal testing and screening in Taiwan.
-Brigit Morris-Colton (2014) who studied an arts for mental health service, focussing on the concept of recovery.Kate McNicolas-Smith, who is working on lesbians on television (ESRC-funded)- Kate McNicholas-Smith (2015) who analysed lesbians on television in the post-queer age

- Oscar Maldonado (2015), whose work focuses on the HPV vaccine in Colombia

- Rebecca Fox (2015) who worked on women with learning disabilities living in secure accommodation (ESRC-funded)

I have 6 current students:
1. Alison Hanbury, studying the HPV vaccine in the UK, as part of the Prescriptive Prescriptions (ERC) project
2. Joann Wilkinson, studying reproductive biosensors as part of the 'Making sense of biosensors' project, funded by Intel
3. Lucy Ryan, studying adopters' views and experiences of parenting (self-funded)
4. Cron Cronshaw, who is working on young trans people's autobiographies (ESRC funded)
5. Theresa Atkinson, who is researching telecare for older people, building on our EFFORT project on telecare (ESRC funded)

6. Nicola Sugden, working on Donald Winnicott and child & adolescent mental health services (ESRC CASE Award, based at Manchester University).

All of these are empirical research projects, using methods such as participant observation, interviewing, focus groups and textual analysis.

I am deeply interested in feminist and social theory and am an editor of a leading feminist journal, Feminist Theory. I am very keen to work with postgraduate students on these themes relating to feminist theory, embodiment and sexuality, either in Sociology or Women's Studies. Prospective students should feel free to contact me by email to discuss the possibility of studying at Lancaster.

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Political economy, moral economy, normativity and ethics in everyday life, inequality, employment and organisational life, climate change, social theory and the philosophy of social science. Postdisciplinary proposals particularly welcome!
I am keen to supervise empirical and theoretical research relating to any of the above topics, preferably pursued in a post-disciplinary manner, and having some concern for the implications for human well-being! There may be possibilities for co-supervision not only with colleagues in Sociology, but also colleagues in other departments with complementary interests. In the past I have co-supervised with colleagues in Linguistics, and I have also had links with human geography, philosophy and politics in the past. I also welcome visiting research students who are doing PhDs elsewhere but want to spend a term or two in Lancaster with some supervision from me. Please email me if you'd like to discuss research possibilities.

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Research students welcome on topics relating to social theories of practice;  infrastructures and institutions of everyday consumption, climate change and issues of energy and water demand; design, materiality,  technology studies and research policy.

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I welcome research students and have supervised 22 students researching in a range of substantive areas. I am especially interested in students researching how policy is done in locations of practice and also in how care is done in practice. I have worked with several care practitioners seeking research qualifications. I am interested in and have expertise in qualitative research including ethnography, participant observation, interviews, and textual analysis in the form of detailed case studies. I am keen to work with stduents and collaborators to articulate and to appreciate the work of practice of care interventions, programmes, policies, technologies, systems and guidelines.

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I am in the process of retiring (albeit research actively!) and so am not accepting new PhD students at this time.

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I welcome PhD applications in my areas of research of environment, technology and culture. Applicants should be enthusiastic, self-motivated, well-organised and have a strong academic track record.

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I welcome PhD applicants in most areas of social inequalities: including projects on social class, migrants, refugees and borders, racism, sexism, welfare reform and social policy, disability. I am interested in decolonial approaches to social questions and problems, including historical sociological approaches. I am happy to supervise theoretical, qualitative sociological or cultural studies projects. Applicants should be enthusiastic, self-motivated, well-organised and have a strong academic track record.

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Research students are welcome in all areas of my research interests including: gender violence and security; gendered political economy; policies towards equalities; sociology of the EU; and complexity theory.

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I welcome applications from prospective students in all areas of my research, including:
Environment-society relations, especially using the theoretical resources of Science and Technology Studies (STS);
The making of environmental knowledge;
The politics of environmental knowledge;
Environmental knowledge, policy and collective politics;
STS and the making and politics of databases;
Social studies of classifications;
Knowledge, practices and biodiversity;
Barcoding of Life (BOLI) and shifting cultures of taxonomy;

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I have supervised to completion a number of PhD students on various topics, including: child protection in Australia; adoption and fostering by lesbian and gay people; accounts of child sexual abuse; lesbian well-being; listening to looked after children..

I am also a very experienced PhD examiner, having examined, either internally or externally, around 20 theses in the fields of: feminist & women's studies, applied sociology; social work, and; research methodology.

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