The Million Dollar Cheque: How Communities are Taking Control for Better Health

Professor Jennie Popay, Faculty of Health and Medicine

6.30pm - 8pm (doors open 6pm)

The Dukes, Lancaster

Thursday 16 March 2017

The North West coast is an area of extreme health inequalities – home to both some of the most affluent and most disadvantaged neighbourhoods in the UK.

Whilst poor housing and lack of well-paid employment can seem like matters that are out of the control of many communities, a number of initiatives are showing that giving residents power over decisions that impact on them can help overcome these major obstacles to good health.

In this lecture, Lancaster University’s Professor Jennie Popay will describe the scale of social and health inequalities in the UK and across the North West coast and some of the approaches that could have the biggest impact in closing this gap in health indicators. 

In particular, Jennie will also explore an experiment in community empowerment, Big Local, where disadvantaged communities across England have been given £1m to make their neighbourhoods a better - and healthier - place to live. 

What can the Big Local initiative and others like it tell us about the pre-requisites for action aimed at reducing health inequalities and to what extent do current policy initiatives in the the NHS and local government reflect these?

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