Professor Jessica Davies

Professor of Sustainability

Research Overview

My research focuses on sustainable soils, land and food systems across natural, agricultural and urban landscapes. Drawing on my background in control system engineering and environmental modelling, I work at the interface between environmental sciences, engineering and business to develop science-based strategy and practices that drive sustainable transitions.

I am an Early Career EPSRC Living With Environmental Change Fellow. In this major strand of my research, I develop models that help us understand and predict change in plant, soil and water systems. I am keen to explore how we can borrow concepts and techniques from engineering and data sciences to advance these capabilities. Beyond the science, I am engaged in exploring how these models can be help us make sustainable decisions: can they help us make land management choices, manage risk, inform natural capital accounting or motivate investment in nature?

Selected Publications

The business case for soil
Davies, J. 16/03/2017 In: Nature. 543, 7645, p. 309-311. 3 p.
Journal article

On the evaluation of soil erosion models: Are we doing enough?
Batista, P.V., Davies, J., Silva, M.L., Quinton, J.N. 1/10/2019 In: Earth-Science Reviews. 197, 17 p.
Journal article

Measured estimates of semi-natural terrestrial NPP in Great Britain: comparison with modelled values, and dependence on atmospheric nitrogen deposition
Tipping, E., Davies, J.A., Henrys, P.A., Jarvis, S.G., Rowe, E.C., Smart, S.M., Le Duc, M.G., Marrs, R.H., Pakeman, R.J. 30/07/2019 In: Biogeochemistry. 144, 2, p. 215-227. 13 p.
Journal article

Long-term increases in soil carbon due to ecosystem fertilization by atmospheric nitrogen deposition demonstrated by regional-scale modelling and observations
Tipping, E.W., Davies, J., Henrys, P.A., Kirk, G.J.D., Lilly, A., Dragosits, U., Carnell, E.J., Dore, A.J., Sutton, M.A., Tomlinson, S.J. 15/05/2017 In: Scientific Reports. 7, 11 p.
Journal article

Long-term P weathering and recent N deposition control contemporary plant-soil C, N, and P
Davies, J.A.C., Tipping, E., Rowe, E.C., Boyle, J.F., Graf Pannatier, E., Martinsen, V. 20/02/2016 In: Global Biogeochemical Cycles. 30, 2, p. 231-249. 19 p.
Journal article

150 years of macronutrient change in unfertilized UK ecosystems: observations vs simulations
Davies, J., Tipping, E., Whitmore, A. 1/12/2016 In: Science of the Total Environment. 572, p. 1485-1495. 11 p.
Journal article

Integrated modeling of flow and residence times at the catchment scale with multiple interacting pathways
Davies, J., Beven, K., Rodhe, A., Nyberg, L., Bishop, K. 5/08/2013 In: Water Resources Research. 49, 8, p. 4738-4750. 13 p.
Journal article

Comparison of a Multiple Interacting Pathways model with a classical kinematic wave subsurface flow solution
Davies, J., Beven, K. 2012 In: Hydrological Sciences Journal. 57, 2, p. 203-216. 14 p.
Journal article

A discrete particle representation of hillslope hydrology: hypothesis testing in reproducing a tracer experiment at Gardsjon, Sweden
Davies, J., Beven, K., Nyberg, L., Rodhe, A. 15/11/2011 In: Hydrological Processes. 25, 23, p. 3602-3612. 11 p.
Journal article

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