MBA alumni profiles

Discover what graduates of our two MBA programmes, Full-time and Executive, think about studying on the Lancaster MBA programme.




Kate Palmer

Full-time MBA, 2010

Trained as an architect, Kate took the MBA to expand her business knowledge. She extended with a Study Abroad programme at St Gallen, and then joined a rural diversification consultancy.

Ashwin Manikyaraju

Executive MBA, 2010

After completing the Lancaster EMBA, Ashwin was promoted to the role of Project Lead - Software for Maxim Integrated.

Sonu Bubna

Full-time MBA, 2010

Inspired by the MBA to become an entrepreneur, Sonu has launched two business ventures since graduating from Lancaster.

Dave Gallagher

Full-time MBA, 2010

The MBA helped Dave make the transition from an army officer to a business career. He is now managing change within Royal Mail.

Latifa Aarab

Full-time MBA, 2010

After finishing the MBA, Latifa joined PIMCO Europe to work in marketing and communications.

Fiona D'Souza

Full-time MBA, 2010

Fiona's summer project was with Vodafone UK. She is now a business analyst for a business process outsourcing firm in London.

Sam McGrath

Executive MBA, 2009

The EMBA was an important step in Sam's transition from a career as an army Major to one in industry. He now works for Standard Chartered Bank in Singapore.

Richenda Broad

Executive MBA, 2009

Richenda completed her MBA while working in a senior management role for Plymouth City Council.

Soojin Pak

Full-time MBA, 2009

Soojin undertook the Lancaster MBA with her husband Nick Miles. They also brought with them their young son.

Louise Broe Sørensen

Full-time MBA, 2009

Louise, now a lecturer in e-commerce, describes what it was like doing the Lancaster MBA with her partner Johan.

Abishek Chand

Full-time MBA, 2009

Abishek extended his supply chain experience through his summer project, then worked in logistics for the Widdowson Group. He also went to Bocconi in Milan on an MBA exchange.

Mbali Mthethwa

Full-time MBA, 2009

After her MBA, Mbali returned to South Africa, where she is working in consultancy and project management.