MBA Career Advancement Programme

The Career Advancement Programme (CAP) is a key feature of The Lancaster MBA. It is a year-long programme featuring classroom workshops, presentations, practical sessions and individual career consultations.

The CAP runs from Lancaster. Executive MBA students are highly recommended to join — physically when possible and online when more practical.

The benefits of CAP

Research tells us that the main reason students undertake the MBA programme is to make strides in their careers. The Career Advancement Programme is designed to assist students in improving their career prospects. It gives you opportunities to assess your values, business cultural preferences, skills and interests so that you can make positive, realistic and targeted steps towards career progress.

The CAP is relevant to students who will be exploring new opportunities and to those returning to a previous employer after they graduate. The programme:

  • Improves your career prospects through raising awareness, heightening capability, focussing on relevance and making targeted approaches.
  • Enhances insights into the career decisions of the people you will manage.
  • Provides the grounding for you to become an excellent career mentor, developing soft skills that are especially sought after at senior levels.

The key components of the CAP

  • Classroom sessions (including guest speakers) on CVs, selection processes, sector skills and current labour market information
  • Practical sessions for skills development
  • One-to-one career discussions with an adviser
  • Networking – including events with employers, alumni and contacts through the Carnet Alliance
  • Resources

Enhancing learning

Running as a thread throughout the MBA, the CAP encourages you to draw on the learning and experiences from all other modules (particularly the Mindful Manager) and guest speaker presentations. The success of the programme is enhanced by information and experience exchange between students, alumni and networking contacts that each student shares for the benefit of the other participants.

Your career track

Some students will be seeking new employment following the programme. Others will remain with their previous employers, but will look for promotion or other interesting projects or opportunities. Whatever your career aspirations, the CAP will be relevant for you.

Each career track is unique to the participant. We will help you as you find and secure your next opportunity as partners in the quest. We will be supporting you through the CAP to boost your prospects by offering suggestions, connections and networking opportunities focussed on your future.