Module leader: Dr Peter Lenney

Duration and timing: 24 hours, Michaelmas Term


As aspiring top management executives it is vital for us that you leave Lancaster having had a substantial exposure to this subject area. For as Peter Drucker reminds us, “There is only one valid definition of business purpose – to create a customer... and any business enterprise has two... and only two... basic functions: marketing and innovation.” From his, and our, point of view, marketing is not, as some would see it, ‘just the promotional arts and crafts bit at the end of the value chain’, but the whole business as seen from the customer's point of view. Marketing is the ‘business of business’, the core commercial process of ‘going to market’.

The overall aim of this course is to develop an appreciation and understanding of the conceptual and descriptive language of marketing, and its utilisation within a business and management context.

We could not turn you into experts in marketing (even if we believed there were such a thing!) but we are set on ensuring that you will be able to understand what on earth your marketing colleagues and the so-called experts of the consultancy world are talking about, and getting you into a position from which you will be able to insightfully and confidently critique their arguments and add to the dialogue.


Group-based case study work