Dr Nathan Case

Senior Research Associate


Nathan is a space physicist studying the interaction between the solar wind and the Earth's magnetosphere. He works with Dr. Adrian Grocott and other members of the SPP research group in the Department of Physics.

Nathan is also a member of the AuroraWatch UK team, and takes an active interest in topics such as the aurora, citizen science, and science outreach.

AuroraWatch UK: an automated aurora alert service
Case, N.A., Marple, S.R., Honary, F., Wild, J.A., Billett, D., Grocott, A. 1/11/2017 In: Earth and Space Science.
Journal article

An analysis of magnetic reconnection events and their associated auroral enhancements
Case, N.A., Grocott, A., Milan, S., Nagai, T., Reistad, J.P. 3/03/2017 In: Journal of Geophysical Research: Space Physics. 122, 3, p. 2922-2935. 14 p.
Journal article

Determining the accuracy of crowdsourced tweet verification for auroral research
Case, N.A., MacDonald, E.A., McCloat, S., Lalone, N., Tapia, A. 21/12/2016 In: Citizen Science: Theory and Practice. 2016, 13 p.
Journal article

A real-time hybrid aurora alert system: combining citizen science reports with an auroral oval model
Case, N.A., Kingman, D., MacDonald, E.A. 9/07/2016 In: Earth and Space Science. 3, 6, p. 257-265. 9 p.
Journal article

A dedicated all-sky camera for AuroraWatch UK
Case, N.A., Marple, S.R. 6/04/2016

Using citizen science reports to define the equatorial extent of auroral visibility
Case, N., MacDonald, E.A., Viereck, R. 3/03/2016 In: Space Weather. 14, 3, p. 198-209. 12 p.
Journal article

A comparison of modeled auroral boundaries with observations from citizen scientists
Case, N., MacDonald, E., Viereck, R. 18/12/2015

Crowd-sourcing, communicating, and improving auroral science at the speed of social media through Aurorasaurus.org
Patel, K., MacDonald, E., Case, N., Hall, M., Clayton, J., Heavner, M., Tapia, A., Lalone, N., McCloat, S. 16/12/2015

The real-time state of the aurora: a research to operations need with a citizen science solution?
Heavner, M., MacDonald, E., Case, N., McCloat, S. 15/12/2015

Aurorasaurus: a citizen science platform for viewing and reporting the aurora
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Journal article

Aurorasaurus and the St Patrick’s Day storm
Case, N., MacDonald, E., Patel, K. 06/2015 In: Astronomy and Geophysics. 56, 3, p. 3.13-3.14. 2 p.
Journal article

Mapping auroral activity with Twitter
Case, N., MacDonald, E., Heavner, M., Tapia, A., Lalone, N. 28/05/2015 In: Geophysical Research Letters. 42, 10, p. 3668-3676. 9 p.
Journal article

Hybrid community participation in crowdsourced early warning systems
Lalone, N., Tapia, A., Case, N., MacDonald, E., Heavner, M. 05/2015 In: Proceedings of the ISCRAM 2015 Conference - Kristiansand, May 24-27. Kristiansand : ISCRAM 12 p.

Harnessing Twitter and crowdsourcing to augment aurora forecasting
Lalone, N., Tapia, A., MacDonald, E., Case, N., Hall, M., Clayton, J., Heavner, M. 03/2015 In: CSCW'15 Companion Proceedings of the 18th ACM Conference Companion on Computer Supported Cooperative Work & Social Computing. New York : ACM p. 9-12. 4 p.

Using citizen science and crowdsourcing via Aurorasaurus as a near real time data source for space weather applications
MacDonald, E., Heavner, M., Tapia, A., Lalone, N., Clayton, J., Case, N. 12/2014

AURORASAURUS: citizen science, early warning systems and space weather
Tapia, A., Lalone, N., MacDonald, E., Hall, M., Case, N., Heavner, M. 10/2014
Conference paper

Solar wind-magnetosphere interactions: a statistical analysis of spacecraft measurements
Case, N. 04/2014 Lancaster University.
Doctoral Thesis

The location of the Earth's magnetopause: a comparison of modeled position and in situ cluster data
Case, N., Wild, J. 3/10/2013 In: Journal of Geophysical Research. 118, 10, p. 6127-6135. 9 p.
Journal article

A magnetopause survey using the Cluster spacecraft
Case, N., Wild, J. 3/12/2012

A statistical comparison of solar wind propagation delays derived from multi-spacecraft techniques
Case, N., Wild, J. 9/02/2012 In: Journal of Geophysical Research. 117, A2, 11 p.
Journal article