Live Research Projects

The following research projects are recruiting for participants.

Many projects have specific requirements of their participants, so please ensure that you meet these requirements before applying.

For Adults

  • Undercover Agent

    Experiment: Take part in a task as an undercover agent, and then convince an interviewer you are innocent! Whether you will be an undercover agent with good intentions or not, you will have fun helping science! This study will show professional investigators how to not be fooled when detecting liars. Will be rewarded £7 for your help!

    Participant Requirements: Non-native English speakers. If you have learnt English as a second language, please sign up!

    Duration: The study lasts a maximum of 50 minutes.

    Location: B floor of Whewell building (above the Babylab, near Fylde) - Lancaster University (Main Campus)

    DatesRecruiting until the end of summer, or when 80 participants have taken part, whichever happens first.

    Contact details: Email Irina Tache at or find the study ‘Undercover Agent’ on SONA at (anyone with a Lancaster email can sign up to SONA).

  • Strategies in Reasoning with Dyslexia

    Experiment: The main aim of the research project is to examine how people reason and the different types of learning strategies that people with dyslexia use.

    First you will be asked to do some matching of visual patterns, and then a paper and pencil problem solving task. In this task you will be asked to determine the conclusion from information presented in two sentences about logical relations. This will be followed by a short training session, in the form of a booklet that demonstrates a particular method for problem solving. Then you will try again to solve some problems similar to those you have previously seen. 

    Participation in this study is confidential; all data will be analysed and stored anonymously, therefore no one will be individually identifiable.

    Participants will be paid £10.50 for participation.

    Participant Requirements: Participants with dyslexia only

    Duration: One hour 30 minutes

    Location: Fylde College, Lancaster University

    DatesRecruiting until 15th June 2018


  • An Examination of Eyewitness Interviewing Practices

    Experiment: You are invited to participate in a research study that examines various types of witness interviewing practices.If you choose to participate in the study, you will be asked to watch a video depicting vandalism in a shop, partake in a series of problem solving exercises, and engage in an investigative interview. During the interview, your responses will be audio recorded for transcription purposes. At any point, you have the opportunity to stop your participation in the study, without providing a reason.

    Participant Requirements: All Lancaster University students are eligible to participate.

    Duration: 30 minutes; You will be paid £3.50 for your time

    Location: Whewell Building, B02, Lancaster University

    Dates: Recruiting until 27 July 2018


  • Evaluation of short stories for affective and semantic properties

    Experiment:  You will read a set of short stories with an underlined ending and rate each of them on a 7-point Likert scale for a specific property, for example their emotional content or how easy it is to imagine them, etc. Full instructions for the property you will need to evaluate will be given to you. One survey lasts between 1 and 1,5 hours and you will be paid £10 either in Amazon vouchers or in cash. To participate, you will email us at and we'll send you a weblink with the online survey. You will need to either pick up the vouchers/money during office hours from Francesca or will be emailed with digital Amazon vouchers when these will be available. You can complete more than one survey if you like, and earn more money, but we will need to send you the specific web links for that.

    Participant Requirements: Native speakers of British English born and raised in the UK or in Ireland.

    Duration: Between 1 and 1.5 hours.

    Location: This study can be completed online from any quiet location.

    Dates: Recruiting until 25th July 2018.


  • Eye movement research on healthy controls for Alzheimer's research

    Experiment: The main purpose of this research is to develop new clinical tests that can identify changes in the normal control of movements of the eye. These eye movement tests may be used to improve patient care, such as helping to diagnose diseases of the mind (for example Alzheimer’s disease) earlier or in measuring the early effects of new treatments.
    The research study contains two sections, which may take place in a single appointment. The first includes answering a series of memory and attention related questions and the second involves recording your eye movements as you view some videos on a computer screen.

    Participant Requirements: Normal or corrected vision is required.

    Duration: The experiment will take 1 hour.

    Location: B21 Whewell, Lancaster University.

    Dates: Recruiting until Oct 2018.

    Contact details: Dr Thomas Wilcockson,, 01524 595023

For Children

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