What Will You Study

The doctoral programme in Management Science offers students the ideal opportunity to research in-depth as a prelude to an academic or consulting career.

The programme is highly interactive with a large number of students in operational research, operations management, and information systems and e-business. There are many opportunities to interact with faculty, industry, and co-students, both formal and informal. This offers a supportive environment in which to study.

For highly qualified students both home, EU and overseas, scholarships are available. In particular, the department has a large number of enhanced studentships available for UK students. Students may also be funded through scholarships from their home employer.

Each student will have a member of staff appointed as a supervisor to guide the research study. Where it is helpful two supervisors may be appointed. Part-time students working a significant distance from Lancaster may additionally have a local research adviser.

Specialist areas include:

Fully qualified applicants may embark directly on PhD or MPhil programmes, but for those who need further training we have MRes and MSc options, which can be used as a route to PhD.