Strategic Teaching and Learning Review

It is important to note that Strategic Teaching and Learning Review (STLR) is not a quality assurance procedure, but rather a strategic review and planning opportunity. STLR is intended to be a forward-focused, enhancement-led process to consider the activities of, and challenges faced by, departments over the review period. The discussions provide opportunities to identify the extent to which staffing expertise and interests in the department align with teaching requirements for the future, and in particular what support and development needs the department may have in relation to staffing and programme development/delivery ambitions. This information may then be used to inform subsequent planning rounds.

Academic departments normally undergo a review of their teaching and learning every five years. Drawing on monitoring and review processes completed during the review period, departments undergoing STLR prepare a review document which forms the basis of discussion with the review panel.

An STLR Schedule has been prepared for the whole STLR cycle in liaison with Deans and Heads of Departments to take account of similar faculty or PSRB activities planned or anticipated. Where such activity is identified, the Academic Quality, Standards and Conduct (AQSC) unit works with faculty and department colleagues to determine the extent to which those activities align with the principles of STLR. The STLR Schedule indicates where agreement has been reached to use a faculty or PSRB activity as a proxy event.

In preparing the schedule the aim will be, wherever possible, to ensure a balanced distribution of events across the faculties per year to avoid bunching in one particular area, and to reduce any duplication of effort and burden on any academic department.

An ‌STLR Briefing Document is available which provides further details on the process.

A Guide for External Panel Members is also available.

If you should have any questions relating to APR, please contact either your Faculty QAEM or AQSC directly.