Professional, Statutory and Regulatory Bodies (PSRBs)

The University has a number of programmes which are accredited by PSRBs. A central register of programmes which have accredited status is maintained by AQSC and updated on an annual basis.

Programmes accredited by PSRBs are subject to the University’s standard quality assurance and enhancement procedures. In addition to these procedures, departments are required to report on their engagement with PSRBs in the Annual Teaching Review (ATR) report and to submit PSRB reports on their programmes to the faculty with their ATR report. Faculties and the Academic Standards and Quality Committee have a monitoring role in relation to PSRB activity and reports. Academic and professional services departments also have a responsibility to ensure that information on the accreditation status of individual programmes is both accurate and available to applicants and students. A guidance document on the University’s policy and procedures for PSRBs is available.