Entrance to Bowland Main foyer

College Space

Picture of the inside of the Bowland common room, showing comfy sofas, study tables

Student common room

Located in Bowland Main Quad, the student common room is a combined Wi-Fi enabled to study and social space. With comfy seating, TV's, dart boards, table tennis and plenty of board games, it is a good space to relax, meet friends or do some work. A pool table is also available inside the bar area. The space is occasionally used for organised college social events, including a regular weekly quiz.

The Trough of Bowland

The 'Trough of Bowland’ is better known as Bowland bar, and offers a range of drinks in a cosy atmosphere. The college pool table is also located in this space. For more information on campus bars, cafes and restaurants, visit the University main site.

Bowland Bar
students studying

Study Space

There is ample study space available on campus; the Library, the Learning Zone are all available for you to use.


There are eight laundrettes on campus. The closest to Bowland are just a short walk away in County South along the North Spine, accessible for those living in Annexe, Ash House, Bowland Halls and Bowland Main, and in Furness College, which is close to the Tower, Slaidburn House, Bowland East and Bowland South. You can use any of the laundrettes on campus. Instructions for the purchase of a pre-paid laundrette card and instructions for how to use the machines can be found on the wall of the laundrette.

Row of washing Machines

Why choose Bowland?

Domenica Georgianni shares her experiences from her time in Bowland.