JCR Executive 2022

All students are part of the Junior Common Room (JCR). The JCR Executive are a committee of students elected by the JCR to be the voice of the student body and to represent their interests. Their roles are varied and aimed at ensuring all students have a positive experience through a range of events and activities organised during the year. If you have any questions regarding how the JCR Exec can support you or have suggestions for campaigns, contact the team at bowland.jcr@lancaster.ac.uk.

Image of Krista Shaw JCR President

Krista Shaw - President

Hi everyone! My name is Krista and am your JCR President. My role involves coordinating the JCR Exec, as well as liaising with the senior officers of Bowland College, LUSU officers, and other members of the Lancaster University community. As a JCR Exec team, we are aiming to make Bowland the best college it can be by making sure students are having the best experience possible! As President, your feedback is very important so feel free to message me or any other JCR members about what we can improve on or what you want to see.

Poppy Gibbs - VP Democracy and Finance

Poppy Gibbs - VP Democracy and Finance

Hey, I'm Poppy (she/her) and I'm a third-year History & Politics student and your Democracy and Finance officer. My role involves chairing the JCR Executive meetings, handling bye-elections and co-options and managing the college finances.

Image of Loic Olivier - VP Welfare and Education

Loic Olivier - VP Welfare and Education

Hey, I’m Loïc (he/him) I’m a third year International Relations Student from France and I am your Vice President Welfare and Education. As head of the Welfare, Equality & International Student Reps, my role is to promote diversity and represent the interests of everyone. Don’t hesitate to contact me for any issues from flat problems to personal ones, or any other ideas you’d like to address!

Emilija Katelynaite - Vice President Activities

Emilija Katelynaite - VP Activities

Hi I’m Emilija (said Amelia), I’m a second year student studying law. I am your Bowland Vice President of activities! I will be planning the Bowland Extrav as well as other fun events throughout the year. My role also required to work with the Socials and Events representatives for any upcoming Bowland events. If you have any questions or feedback don’t hesitate to contact myself, any of the JCR members or message us on the Bowland college Instagram!

Image of Muni Marie - Publicity Officer

Muni Marie - Publicity Officer

Hey! I'm Muni, a third-year Physics, Astrophysics & Cosmology student. I'm your Publicity Rep, and my job within the Publicity & Communications team is to produce media content (posters, videos, and photos). We'll post these on Bowland's social media accounts to communicate to the rest of our college and keep you updated on everything Bowland related!

Image of Harrison Hague, JCR Communications Officer

Harrison Hague - Communications Officer

Hi, I’m Harrison, a third-year computer science student and the Bowland JCR Communications Officer. As part of the communications and publicity team, my job is to ensure quick and reliable comms from Bowland JCR so that everyone is in the loop with what we're up to!

Image of Jess Griffiths

Jessica Griffiths - Women's+ Sports Officer

Hi! I’m Jessica, I’m a first year Earth and Environmental Science student and Women’s + Sports Rep for Bowland. My job is to organise sports events for the college including Founders in summer. I aim to make sports inclusive and fun for everyone, if you have any questions or feedback don’t hesitate to contact me.

Image of Michael Oldfield, JCR President

Shaun Liddle - Men's+ Sports Representative

Hi, my name is Shaun, and I am a second year History student. I am Men's+ Sport Representative for Bowland JCR and my job is to make sure that the sport within Bowland College is well organised and well-advertised. I also get to plan Founders. If you want to ask me any questions, or have any ideas, feel free to contact me, or any other JCR member.

Image of Kloe Shiels, Socials and Events Representative

Kloe Shiels - Socials and Events Representative

Hi, I’m Kloe and I’m a second year Law student and I'm part of the Social and Events team for the JCR. My role is to organise Bowland's social events such as Extrav and the Winter Ball. If you have any feedback or suggestions don't be afraid to reach out to me or any of the other JCR.

Image of Tamas Havas, Socials and Events Representative

Tamas Havas - Socials and Events Representative

Hi! My name is Tamás, I’m a second year Advertising and Marketing student from Hungary. My job will be to organise events and socials for Bowland such as Extravs and the college quizzes. If you have any feedback or suggestions, feel free to reach out to me or to anyone on the JCR.

Image of Kinga KUPI - Women's+ Welfare Officer

Kinga Kupi - Women's+ Welfare Officer

Hey! My name is Kinga (she/ her), a second year Entrepreneurship and Management student and I am your Women’s + Welfare Rep. As part of the Welfare team, my job is to represent you within the JCR and provide support with any social, academic or other issues that you might face. As well as organizing events with the other members that advance student wellbeing. If you have any inquiries please don’t be afraid to contact me, or any other JCR members. We are here to help and I always like a good chat.

Image of Michael Oldfield, Men's+ Welfare Officer

Michael Oldfield - Men's+ Welfare Officer

Hi! I am Michael (he/him), a second-year Economics student, and I am your Men's+ Welfare Officer 2022. My role involves developing student wellbeing campaigns, working with other JCRs and the Students' Union to address welfare issues, as well as signposting any problems that may occur within the student body. Please do reach out to us if you have any issues, we are always happy to help!

Image of Beth Frank

Beth Frank - Equalities Officer

Hey! I’m Beth (she/her), I am a second year Biomedical Science student and am your Equalities Representative within the Bowland JCR. My role is to ensure that inclusivity is always a top priority in everything we as a JCR do and ensuring that everyone in our college has access to the same opportunities regardless of gender, race, sexuality, nationality, socio-economic background, religion, etc. I am a voice for students that find that they are not receiving the same treatment as their peers and work alongside the welfare team to ensure discussions and campaigns are organised to tackle those problems. Please don’t hesitate to contact myself or any other JCR members if you have any questions or anything you would like to discuss, or message us on our social media platforms.