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How the College Works

College Rules

The College is a community in which a large number of people live and work closely together, the Deanery exists to ensure that all members can live, work and study in a safe environment which allows them to make the most of their time at Lancaster University.

College Rules are applicable to all students, whether you live on campus or not. If you experience any difficulties with fellow students please contact one of the College Officers to raise your concerns.

If a breach of disciplinary rules has occurred, a student may be summoned to a hearing with the College Dean. The student is permitted to be accompanied by a fellow student, a representative from the Student Union, the College Wellbeing Team, or other member of University staff.  Failure to attend a hearing without good cause and prior notice may result in a fine, levied in line with Student Disciplinary Regulations. 

The Deanery would like to make you aware of fines that can be applied if particular rules are broken:-

  • Standard Noise Fine; £20
  • Exam Period Noise Fine; £40
  • Smoking in Residences; £50
  • Infringement of Electronic Copyright; £25
  • Tampering with Fire Safety Equipment; £300
  • Failure to attend a disciplinary hearing; £50

Bowland College Regulations

Structure & Governance

Every college is made up of a group of elected student execs and staff representatives. Staff and students work together to make sure the college runs smoothly and fairly.


  • Junior Common Room (JCR)

    Bowland JCR Exec is made up of a group of students elected by students. They are here to represent student views, organise socials and campaigns and provide opportunities for students to get involved in events and activities taking place in the College. They also work closely with College Officers to ensure students have the best experience during their time at Bowland College. The JCR meet regularly as a team and the President and the Vice President also attend meetings with College Officers and are part of the College Management Committee. More information on JCR activities can be found on the Students' Union pages.

  • Senior Common Room (SCR)

    The SCR is made up of members of University staff who are also members of Bowland College. Some Senior Members have a role in managing the College and form an integral part of College life by working closely with the JCR Exec and by contributing towards the intellectual and social experience of our students.

  • Bowland Senior Members

    If you are interested in finding out more about staff events within the college or are interested in volunteering please look at our staff page, or contact Kate Swift, the Staff Engagement Officer, or Lorna Harrison, College Manager.


College Officers and the JCR President and Vice President belong to the College Management Committee, the committee meets once a month in term time and makes decisions on the day to day running of the College. The College Syndicate includes all members of the SCR and the JCR Executive. The Syndicate reports to the University Senate and meets once per term to oversee the running of the college, agree on strategy and constitutional amendments. Minutes of Syndicate meetings are also listed below.

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Membership Fees

All students become members of a College when they join Lancaster University. Each College has slightly different facilities and delivers a varied range of activities and events.

Each college has slightly different facilities and delivers a varied range of activities and events, all with the aim of providing an environment that enhances study, recreation and personal development, as well a support network provided by staff. To help deliver these aims, each student is charged a one-off membership fee when they join the university. All income received via membership fees is spent on supporting and enhancing the college community. 

Find out how your fees are spent.

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