JCR & JCR Exec

All students of the college are part of the Junior Common Room (JCR). The JCR Executive ('Exec') are the 14 students who are elected by all the JCR to be the voice of the college’s student body. Their role is to organise a wide range of activities and support to ensure the best student experience ever!

JCR socials range from live music and quizzes or trips to theme parks or zoos, to nights out to other cities such as Liverpool or Manchester. The Christmas Ball and Summer Extrav are two of the bigger events which you certainly won’t want to miss out on.

The college is nothing without the involvement and participation of all of its students so make sure you get involved and make the most of your time in County. If you're interested in becoming a member of the JCR Exec, visit the Student Union website to find out more details on what each role entails. Students are emailed regularly by LUSU with information on upcoming elections. If you want to organise a County club or event, email the JCR Exec, or Ali Moorhouse, the College Manager.

photo of Amy Merchant

Amy Merchant

JCR President

photo of Erin Watters

Erin Watters

Vice President - Education and Welfare

photo of Tejaswini Saji

Tejaswini Saji

Vice President - Socials and Events 

photo of Amal Javed

Amal Javed

Democracy and Finance Officer

photo of Sruthi Chilukoti

Sruthi Chilukoti

International Officer


photo of Hannah Dewhurst

Hannah Dewhurst

Education and Opportunities Officer

photo of Nico McSorley

Nico McSorley

Social and Events Officer

photo of Catrin Harrison

Catrin Harrison

Socials and Events Officer

photo of Neve Keeble

Neve Keeble

Media and Communications Officer

photo of Emma Wood

Emma Wood

Media and Communications Officer

photo of India Ellis

India Ellis

Women's Welfare Officer

photo of Cameron Scott

Cameron Scott

Men's Welfare Officer

photo of Caitlin Cook

Caitlin Cook

Sports Officer

photo of Matt Eamens

Matt Eamens

Sports Officer