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Cyber Security Research Centre


"Welcome to the Cybersecurity Research Centre here at Lancaster University. We are a rich vibrant community of multidisciplinary researchers passionate about driving the development of solutions to the challenges of modern digital life. As a well-established multidisciplinary community, we naturally approach cyber security problems in a disruptive and innovative way.

Our focus on socio-technical systems research enables us to take a broader view of where the cyber security challenges are and where the solutions may be found. We have great strength in applied and practical research and we often tell people that we like to ‘build what we study, and study what we build’. It is these three foundational elements – Multidisciplinary Approach, Socio-Technical Systems Research & Real World Applicability – that enables us to undertake disruptive, innovative research with considerable, internationally recognised, socio-economic impact.

We recognise, however, we cannot do this work on our own. We must combine our expertise with that of our innovation partners, in order to tackle key cybersecurity problems. As a community, we pride ourselves on how we engage with everyone from industry through to government; influencing everything from policy to product innovation.

By working with the most innovative organisations we are able to help organisations to grow, adapt and protect themselves, increasing prosperity for all. We want to work with you to help keep our global society safe."

Professor Nicholas Race
Director of the Cyber Security Research Centre

Our Philosophy

Our research philosophy is built around four defining pillars which we have developed through reflection on our own practices and engaging with the literature. The unique blend of inter-disciplinary, systems-centred and resilience-focused research on cyber security has led to a range of innovative research programmes – establishing Lancaster as a leading international centre in cyber security research.


What We Do

  • Research

    The research of the CSRC is focused around four themes: Security of Large-Scale Networks, Security of Cyber Physical Systems and Infrastructures, New forms of Privacy and Identity, and Cyber Security Behaviours.

  • Multi-Disciplinary

    We are one of the few multidisciplinary centres to tackle human and technological cyber security challenges in socio-technical systems by integrating computer science researchers with expertise from social and behavioural sciences.

  • Working with Industry

    We pride ourselves on developing sustainable relationships with industry. In particular, we have been recognised by government and received national awards for our engagement with small and medium enterprises.

  • Facilities

    We have cutting-edge facilities to develop and test new products and processes for the global marketplace, our business partnerships and engagement team can help you access a wide range of facilities. All our facilities are supported by teams of experienced technicians.

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