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Work with Us

We pride ourselves on developing sustainable relationships with industry. In particular, we have been recognised by government and received national awards for our engagement with small and medium enterprises.

Our partnerships extend beyond business and include a diverse range of public and private sector organisations at regional, national and international levels. These range from NHS Trusts and Police Forces to Local Authorities, UK and International Governments. We adopt a flexible, needs-based approach to supporting the companies we work with. Our research is solution driven for business growth, our educational programmes deliver a business-ready workforce.

Our engagement supports your business organisation. Our award-winning business partnerships team will connect you quickly to the people who have the skills and knowledge you need to achieve your business goals. From research, graduates and the services needed to establish and develop a business, our team can directly support organisations at all levels.

Regardless of whether you are a local start-up or a company looking to move to the area, we can help you tap into the expertise you need.

Cyber Works

Cyber Works enables effective, impactful and innovative opportunities for knowledge exchange between businesses and the Cyber Security Research Centre (CSRC), based within the School of Computing and Communication, here at Lancaster University.

Cyber Works

Greater Manchester Cyber Foundry

The Greater Manchester Cyber Foundry is a new £6 million business support project will help Manchester businesses to grow through the adoption cybersecurity practices, technology and Innovation. Lancaster University is providing the core programme to support 150 businesses to develop new cybersecurity focused business growth and productivity strategies.

Quantum Base

Co-founded in 2012 by Phillip Speed & Royal Society Research Fellow, Professor Robert Young, Quantum Base is a technology start up spun out of the world leading Lancaster University Quantum Physics Research Centre, and School of Computing and Communications. Using the world’s most advanced Quantum Laboratories at Lancaster University, including IsoLab, Quantum Base invents, develops, and patents practical, unbreakable nanoscale quantum security devices.

Quantum Base