Examples of theses from the DPER programme

Patrick Baughan (2019) “The Sociological Imagination”: Researching sustainability, using phenomenography.

James Burch (2020) Helping student teachers to see into practice: The view from a teacher-education classroom.

Anthony Burke (2021) Analysing curriculum development as an activity system: A study based in English universities.

Fiona Christie (2018) Constructing early graduate careers: Navigating uncertainty in transition

Steven Chubb (2020) The impact of a new National Curriculum on subject leaders in primary and secondary Schools.

Karen Connor (2021) Navigating the second-year landscape: How student nurses construct an identity and engage with knowledge in the second year of an undergraduate degree.

Janice Conway (2016) Academic librarians' perceptions of creative arts students as learners: A discourse of difference and difficulty.

Irene Foster (2016) Metacognition and dyslexia: Towards an increased understanding of the cognitive knowledge and self-regulation practices of students with dyslexia in higher education.

Kathryn Fox (2020) Teacher educator perceptions of mathematical knowledge for teaching – A phenomenographic study.

Jen Gibbons (2020) A Bernsteinian analysis of the interplay between legal knowledge and the legal professional in university law schools in Yorkshire and Alberta: Rule of Law or Rule of Lawyers?

Sue Graham (2019) Higher and degree apprenticeships in English higher education: A policy implementation study.

Catherine Hasted (2019) Humanities doctoral education for a relational future: A Change Laboratory research intervention.

Maryam Herin (2018) A degree of difference.

Sal Jarvis (2018) The practice of authority in academic leadership/management.

Jo Josephidou (2018) Perceptions of ECEC (Early Childhood Education and Care) practitioners on how their gender influences their approaches to play.

Bernard Lisewski (2018) An examination of how tutor-practitioners conceptualise and enact practice-based-knowing in a small Higher Education Fashion School: A social practice theory approach.

Jonathan Louw (2015) Institutional perspectives on the implementation of the United Nations principles for responsible management education in UK business schools.

Hannah Esther Manogaran (2022) Investigating National Qualifications Framework Development: A Comparative Analysis of the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and Oman.

Lauren Mawson (2020) Educational preparation of newly qualified nurses and factors influencing transition: A mixed methods case study.

Nicola Morrell-Scott (2017) A phenomenological insight into the motivations, approaches, and knowledge of final year pre-registration nursing students.

Ghada Nakhla (2019) The relationship between fear of failure, academic motivation and student engagement in higher education: A general linear model.

Dermot O'Donovan (2021) Education for sustainable development in Irish higher education: Policy, practices and change in a climate of (r)evolution.

Omneya Omar (2021) How is the UAE’s Happiness and Wellbeing Policy enacted within the higher education sector and workplace? A policy implementation study.

Monika Reece (2018) The constitution, positioning and normalisation of 'The EAL Learner': A Foucauldian-Phenomenographic study.

Deborah Seward (2018) How do student teachers experience the development of teacher identity during a three-year professional education degree?

Simon Snowden (2018) Examining the mechanisms for variation in student outcomes from work placements: Glimpsing expansive learning in a placement student change laboratory.

Roshani Swift (2021) Qualitatively different ways of experiencing Higher Education Teaching Excellence: A phenomenographic enquiry into the conceptions of teaching practitioners of their experiences of higher education teaching excellence within College-Based Higher Education.

Sarah Thomas (2017) Using a practice lens to explore the social dimensions of biodiversity conservation.

Susan Trevor-Roper (2020) Teaching in higher education in foreign lands: Challenges and implications. An interview-based study of international academics teaching in Oman.

Annette van Rooij-Peiman (2020) The role of psychological capital in first-year computer science students’ retention from a threshold concepts perspective.

Sadanand Varma (2019) Conceptions of teaching and learning interactions among industry practitioners taught by practitioner-tutors: A case study of part-time MBA students in Singapore.

David Webster (2020) Art and design course leaders’ perceptions of, and approaches to the curriculum and the implications of these approaches for students.

Shin Pyng Wong (2018) Correspondence or discrepancy?: A multi-method examination of internationalisation agendas in Malaysian private higher education.