Medicine Bottles

Literature, Science and Medicine

Research Activity

Active since 2014, the Literature, Science and Medicine research cluster co-organises a seminar series, ’Culture, Medicine and Society’, with the Department of Linguistics and English Language.

Sara Wasson is part of the Global Medical Imaginaries international network and Sharon Ruston co-edits the Palgrave Studies in Literature, Science and Medicine. In 2015, we held a LitSciMed postdoc training event at Lancaster University. The group works on creative responses to pain, ill-health, and trauma (Jenn Ashworth, Tajinder Singh Hayer, Zoe Lambert, Sara Wasson); Medical Humanities (Sharon Ruston, Sara Wasson); skin studies and bibliomania (Liz Oakley-Brown); sleep studies (Mike Greaney, Hilary Hinds); Literature and Science (Sharon Ruston). Research grant awards include: Wellcome Small Grant and ‘Being Human’ Festival funding (Mike Greaney), Wellcome Trust Research Leave Award (Hilary Hinds), AHRC Leaders Fellowship, Follow-on-Funding, and Major Research Grant (Sharon Ruston), AHRC Network (Sara Wasson).