Hear from some of our previous Graduate Researchers on their experience.


Laura O'Keefe

“Working on a PhD with an industry partner was extremely fulfilling. It was rewarding to work on research with real applications and it was exciting to see how my research was going to positively impact society and the environment. I was fortunate enough to see a product develop from concept to prototype to a full-scale commercial model.” Laura O’Keefe, Graduate Researcher, Green Tide Turbines

Cathy New

“Being a researcher within the Centre for Global Eco-Innovation has given me an amazing opportunity to be involved in the development of technology that will hopefully have a real, tangible and positive impact on reducing energy consumption.” Cathy New, Graduate Researcher, Hardy and Ellis Inventions Ltd

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Suzanne Van Zuijlen

“Being able to work on this project is truly exciting as poor air quality has an impact on both health and the environment. The overall aim of this PhD project is to use models and observations to bring new understanding around the links between air quality and climate change. The goal is to develop understanding in a way that can be readily used by decision makers in their risk planning processes.” Suzanne Van Zuijlen, Graduate Researcher, JBA Trust

Jonathan Longden

“The idea of curiosity-driven science never appealed to me, as the possibility that all of my hard work may never benefit anyone was too daunting. However, my project had very specific research objectives and I was safe in the knowledge that my research was likely to benefit my business partner.” Jonathan Longden, Graduate Researcher, Nucleotide Nutrition Ltd


Rebecca Burns

“It has opened so many doors for me as a researcher. My company has taken me to Germany, France and London, so I’ve had the chance to travel. It’s really opened my eyes to the possibility that the skills I have learnt could allow me to work abroad.” Rebecca Burns, Graduate Researcher, Isoprime

Stephanie Bryan

“I was particularly interested in an industry focussed PhD because it would allow me to contribute to fundamental science research alongside creating an opportunity to see a direct real-world impact of my work.” Stephanie Bryan, Graduate Researcher, Arcis Biotechnology Ltd

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Phoebe Sutton

“Being a part of this research group gives you a unique perspective into how businesses and centres for academic research can work together to generate real world impact. You feel part of something bigger, because you are!” Phoebe Sutton, Graduate Researcher, May Barn Consultancy Ltd