Changes to Graduate College

Graduate College will be undergoing a number of changes over coming year. These changes are designed to improve your experience within the College, and make sure it best caters for the needs of our postgraduate students.


Why is the College changing?

Feedback from our students over the last few years has told us that the LUGRAD brand doesn't feel as engaging as the undergraduate colleges. Previous students have suggested that a change to a different brand would improve the College identity.

In response to this feedback, we consulted with students over the period 2017-18. This long and thorough process involved many current students from across the College community. The outcome of this process resulted in the College focussing on developing the College 'identity' and through a refresh of the College logo. Current postgraduate students and alumni were invited to submit ideas for the new logo as part of the logo competition. Thanks to our generous alumni donor, Martin Bragg, a £500 prize was made available for the winning design. In the end the judging panel selected two designs to be included in the new logo. The new logo will include winning design elements by Igor Sidnev and Joe Rawcliffe, who are both current Masters students. The logo will reflect the community’s commitment to learning, and Lancastrian heritage. All will be revealed soon...