Dimitrios Fylatos

PhD student


I am currently a PhD Candidate at Lancaster University, where I embarked on my academic journey in October 2020. During my time at the university, I successfully completed the taught phase of the program with exceptional merit marks. My research focuses on an intriguing subject: exploring the preferences for complementary health insurance in Greece using a specialized methodology called Discrete Choice Experiment.

In addition to my studies, I hold a research associate position at the University of Pireus LabHEM. This role allows me to actively contribute to the academic community while expanding my expertise. Moreover, I work as a freelance consultant for MedTech start-ups, utilizing my knowledge and skills to assist these innovative companies.

My academic interests encompass a wide range of subjects within the field of economics, particularly in the applied microeconomics and microeconometrics domains. I have a strong passion for health economics and health insurance economics, as well as a keen interest in public health and policy. Additionally, I actively engage in the study of health measurement, striving to contribute to the improvement and understanding of various health indicators.