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The Division of Health Research

The Division of Health Research specialises in postgraduate study and in high-quality health-related research.

Our expertise contributes to improved health, wellbeing and safety for individuals. We enhance the skills of a wide range of people, both lay and professional, in providing services. This enhances human capital for individuals, organisations and services in the public and private sectors.

We provide an authoritative voice in research and education. We are valued globally, nationally and regionally for the quality and policy/practice relevance of our research, education and training and for our contribution to knowledge exchange. This improves service provision and care through better-prepared professionals, practitioners, policymakers and health researchers.

Members of the Division of Health Research come from a wide range of academic disciplines and professional backgrounds. We have a well-established reputation for conducting excellent academic research that is both interdisciplinary and translational.

Research groups in the Division work closely with our colleagues in the rest of the Faculty of Health and Medicine on the Faculty’s core interdisciplinary research themes: Ageing, Biostatistics and Epidemiology, Cancer, Infectious Diseases, Mental Health and Public Health.

Our research is focused in three of these main themes, within which a number of research centres and groups are located:

The Division has good relationships with NHS and social care partners and the voluntary sector. We also host the regional and local centres for the NIHR Research Design Service for the North West.

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The Division of Health Research specialises in postgraduate study.


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