Health information, computation and statistics

Statistical and computational analysis contributes to, and informs, many areas of our health-related research.

Our research

Building on long-standing expertise in longitudinal, spatial and spatio-temporal methods, we work with national and international partners to share expertise in infectious disease modelling, design of field studies, statistical genetics and computationally efficient methods for high-dimensional data.

The statistical and epidemiological research group CHICAS undertakes methodological research into the analysis of longitudinal and spatial variation in health outcomes, and leads important applied research projects in environmental epidemiology in both resource-rich and resource-poor countries.

Our work has generated important insights on the epidemiology of leptospirosis in Brazil, Loa loa in equatorial Africa, meningitis in the sub-Saharan 'meningitis belt', human campylobacter and other food-borne infections in the UK.

Staff researching in this area typically belong to CHICAS or undertake research in the population health theme of the Medical School.

Centre for Health Informatics, Computing and Statistics (CHICAS)

The research focus of CHICAS is on statistical and epidemiological methods in infectious disease modelling, design of field studies and statistical genetics.

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