Dr Liz Brewster SFHEA

Non-Clinical Senior Lecturer in Medical Education

Research Overview

  • Applying sociologically-informed qualitative methodologies to a healthcare context
  • Creativity (reading/ narrative/ photography/ art practices) and mental health
  • Digital technologies and practices, particularly in use in healthcare settings
  • Pedagogy and professional training for medical practice, with a focus on mental health and well-being

Where have all the doctors gone? An ethnographic study to explore the retention problem in Emergency Medicine
01/10/2019 → 31/03/2023

Medical Staffing of Emergency Departments: Exploring the Retention Problem
01/09/2018 → 31/08/2021

Graphic Futures
17/10/2017 → 30/06/2018

Military Lives and Transformative Experiences: Exploring narratives and veterans' well-being
01/10/2017 → 31/03/2020

Failure to Learn, Failure to Grow: creating space to ‘fail’ in order to allow real learning to take place
01/03/2017 → 31/03/2018

'It's more than a diary': the ethical issues associated with sharing photographs in digital communities
01/05/2016 → 30/04/2018

The Health Foundation and NHS England - Independent Evaluation of the Patient Activation Measure in the English NHS
01/12/2014 → 28/02/2017

NHS England - Evaluation of NHS Safety Thermometer data collection and use
01/01/2013 → 31/07/2015

The Health Foundation - Spotlight on Healthcare-Associated Infections
01/01/2013 → 30/09/2014

The Wellcome Trust and the Medical Research Council - Good practice for participants involved in long-term research projects: an interview study
01/01/2013 → 31/07/2014

Department of Health Policy Research Programme - Quality and Safety in the English NHS
01/06/2010 → 30/09/2013

University of Sheffield studentship - An investigation of experiences of reading for mental health and well-being and their relation to models of bibliotherapy
01/10/2008 → 30/09/2011

Family Practice (Journal)
Editorial activity

  • FHM Mental Health Theme
  • Institute for Social Futures Fellow
  • ISF Fellows 2019/20