Dr Jemma Kerns FHEA

Senior Lecturer and Director of Assessment

Research Overview

My main area of interest is in developing spectroscopic techniques (Raman and IR) for biomedical exploration and diagnosis, particularly relating to bone biology. Currently I am developing spatially offset Raman spectroscopy for use in vivo, which includes developing protocols and managing the ethical approvals and recruitment of participants.This includes the continued development of robust computational methodologies for spectral processing and analysis. I am particularly interested in advancing and combining these techniques to translate them into a clinical setting for the high-throughput diagnosis of medical conditions non-invasively in vivo.

Selected Publications

Measurement of abnormal bone composition in vivo using noninvasive Raman spectroscopy
Buckley, K., Kerns, J., Gikas, P.D., Birch, H., Vinton, J., Keen, R., Parker, A.W., Matousek, P., Goodship, A. 26/11/2014 In: IBMS BoneKEy. 11, p. 1-3. 3 p.
Journal article

The use of laser spectroscopy to investigate bone disease in King Henry VIII's sailors
Kerns, J., Buckley, K., Parker, A., Birch, H., Matousek, P., Hildred, A., Goodship, A. 01/2015 In: Journal of Archaeological Science. 53, p. 516-520. 5 p.
Journal article

Evidence from Raman spectroscopy of a putative link between inherent bone matrix chemistry and degenerative joint disease
Kerns, J.G., Gikas, P.D., Buckley, K., Shepperd, A., Birch, H.L., McCarthy, I., Miles, J., Briggs, T.W.R., Keen, R., Parker, A.W., Matousek, P., Goodship, A.E. 05/2014 In: Arthritis and Rheumatology. 66, 5, p. 1237-1246. 10 p.
Journal article

Millimeter-scale mapping of cortical bone reveals organ-scale heterogeneity
Buckley, K., Kerns, J.G., Parker, A.W., Goodship, A.E., Matousek, P. 04/2014 In: Applied Spectroscopy. 68, 4, p. 510-514. 5 p.
Journal article

Functional adaptation of long bone extremities involves the localized "tuning" of the cortical bone composition: evidence from Raman spectroscopy
Buckley, K., Kerns, J.G., Birch, H.L., Gikas, P.D., Parker, A.W., Matousek, P., Goodship, A.E. 11/2014 In: Journal of Biomedical Optics. 19, 11
Journal article

Discrimination of base differences in oligonucleotides using mid-infrared spectroscopy and multivariate analysis.
Kerns, J., Martin-Hirsch, P.L., Martin, F.L. 1/07/2009 In: Analytical Chemistry. 81, 13, p. 5314-5319. 6 p.
Journal article

Evidence for a stem-cell lineage in corneal squamous cell carcinoma using synchrotron-based Fourier-transform infrared microspectroscopy and multivariate analysis
Kerns, J., Nakamura, T., Kinoshita, S., Fullwood, N.J., Martin, F. 2010 In: Analyst. 135, 12, p. 3120-3125. 6 p.
Journal article

Microspectroscopy of spectral biomarkers associated with human corneal stem cells
Nakamura, T., Kerns, J., Trevisan, J., Cooper, L.J., Bentley, A., Carmichael, P.L., Scott, A.D., Cotte, M., Susini, J., Martin-Hirsch, P.L., Kinoshita, S., Fullwood, N.J., Martin, F. 6/03/2010 In: Molecular Vision. 16, 42, p. 359-368. 10 p.
Journal article

A spectral phenotype of oncogenic human papillomavirus-infected exfoliative cervical cytology distinguishes women based on age
Kerns, J., Cheung, K.T., Martin, C., O'Leary, J.J., Prendiville, W., Martin-Hirsch, P.L., Martin, F.L. 5/08/2010 In: Clinica Chimica Acta. 411, 15-16, p. 1027-1033. 7 p.
Journal article

Combining immunolabeling and surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy on cell membranes
Hodges, M., Kerns , J., Bentley, A.J., Fogarty, S., Patel, I.I., Martin, F.L., Fullwood, N.J. 12/2011 In: ACS Nano. 5, 12, p. 9535-9541. 7 p.
Journal article

Isolating stem cells in the inter-follicular epidermis employing synchrotron radiation-based Fourier-transform infrared microspectroscopy and focal plane array imaging
Patel, I.I., Harrison, W.J., Kerns, J.G., Filik, J., Wehbe, K., Carmichael, P.L., Scott, A.D., Philpott, M.P., Frogley, M.D., Cinque, G., Martin, F.L. 10/2012 In: Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry. 404, 6-7, p. 1745-1758. 14 p.
Journal article

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