Dr Mohammed Rohaim

Senior Research Associate

Research Overview

My focus is to understand the innate immune responses in different hosts that range from sensing of viruses to terminal IFN effectors mediated by myriad of interferon-stimulated and virus-regulated genes. Employing large-scale, genome-wide and high-throughput screening platforms, my research is deciphering differential host responses to diverse viral pathogens and understanding the bases for genetic resistance/susceptibility of different species, virus-host cell interaction, especially how viral and cellular factors regulate the viral replication cycle and the race with the innate immune response. Additionally, applying genome-wide transcriptomics and proteomics approaches, my research is trying to understand molecular determinants of viral pathogenesis (infection) and the ways' viruses (e.g. influenza- and Corona- viruses) have adapted to avoid the host innate immunity. Likewise, other research focus is to investigating RNA viruses' evolution and defining the functional role of evolutionary changes on virus antigenicity, virulence, transmission and host-range, improving vaccines and vaccination strategies for effective control of virus infection and developing reagents and assays for rapid detection and differentiation of virus subtypes.