Health Innovation Campus update

Health Innovation Campus building site
The Health Innovation Campus building site in summer 2019

The construction of the Health Innovation Campus (HIC) continues apace. The plan is for the HIC One building to be completed at the end of January 2020 and the new entrance from the A6 will be completed in March / April 2020.

The DClinPsy, alongside the rest of the Division of Health Research and the Medical School are due to move into the new campus during the University’s Easter break 2020. As with any project of this magnitude and ambition there have been a number of years between conception and realisation and during that time there have been significant increases in both staff and student numbers throughout the Faculty of Health and Medicine (FHM). This means that the requirements of different departments, in terms of space and facilities, have evolved somewhat since initial consultations regarding the move to the HIC. We are working alongside senior colleagues in FHM to make sure we can maintain the same standards of training and student experience when we move to the HIC in 2020.

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