The Golden Thread by Tayibah Ahmed

four people standing looking out over Morecambe bay beach

Over the three years of training on the Lancaster Doctorate in Clinical Psychology programme, trainee clinical psychologists get the opportunity to work alongside members of the local community. Listening to and working with communities and community organisations will hopefully give trainees an insight into the barriers some people face in accessing mainstream NHS services. It is hoped the trainees will be able to learn from communities in how to better support people with mental health difficulties, in addition to thinking about ways Clinical Psychology can better support community groups. During the first year trainees are asked to spend time getting to know a local community. This could be walking around the area, observing, and talking with community members, making connections with and visiting a range of third sector services across the community, researching the historical context of the area in the local library and any other way they think can help them understand the community. This poem is written by a trainee who spent time getting to know Morecambe.

The Golden Thread

Thank you Morecambe for your hospitality

Spending the day with you by the sea

Full of music, culture, and history

There's something here for everyone to see

Now let's think about community

Here in Morecambe appealing to everybody

The folk they come together

In sunshine, rain, whatever the weather

Dedication can be seen wherever

Encouraging and supporting each other

Growing their town is the endeavour

Helping Morecambe live on forever

The community they volunteer

Inviting tourism up on their pier

Many events they host near

Mixing together with joy and cheer

Music is held so very dear

Families and friends are welcome here

We visited many places

We met so many kind faces

And in all of those spaces

We found heartfelt graces

From tourism to workplaces

The love for morecambe surfaces

The west end was full of support

Dignity and respect, building the rapport

No one was turned away at the door

Together working to restore

The bay, up and down the shore

To become a place we can all adore

Support found in various service hubs

From dignified drop ins to fantastic food clubs

Everyone is welcome, grab some grub

Sit on the pier or pop to the pub

Enjoy the history and scenic shrubs

Whilst the workers pass by in their daily scrubs

Everyone is so friendly

Embracing the town to think differently

Morecambe is on the up you see

Growing to be the best it can be

Markets and gardens all by the sea

All created by residents for free

Skateboarders, church goers, service users welcome

Homeless action, musical attraction, careful benefaction welcome

History buff, feeling rough, when life is tough, welcome

The golden thread it weaves throughout

Today its what well tell you all about

Coming together, each helping out

So what brings these communities together?

Is it friendship, company, wordly pressure?

Helping neighbours through whatever?

To answer this question is our endeavour

By Tayibah Ahmed

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