Professor Bruce Hollingsworth elected to the Board of Directors at EuHEA

Professor Bruce Hollingsworth

Professor Bruce Hollingsworth has been elected to the Executive Committee of the Board of the European Health Economics Association (EuHEA). EuHEA is the organisation which represents and promotes cooperation between all the Health Economics associations and organisations in Europe.

For the past two years he has been the President of the UK Health Economics Study Group (HESG), the national body responsible for promoting the study of Health Economics at UK universities. HESG is the UK presence at EuHEA.

Professor Hollingsworth is also lead of the Health Economics at Lancaster (HEAL) research group. The primary objectives of HEAL are the development and application of quantitative research methods capable of informing health policy-making through empirical evidence and contributing to the academic and policy debate. The work undertaken by HEAL aims at having an impact on people's wellbeing and society as a whole.

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