Research Centres

We have a diverse and vibrant research culture in the Law School, fostered through a variety of research centres and networks.

  • Centre for Crime, Law and Justice

    The principal aim of the Centre is to facilitate and enhance the overlapping research interests of the Law School with regard to criminology, criminal justice and criminal law, as well as to engage both internationally and nationally in research connections and collaborations. The Centre will engage externally with both academic and non-academic audiences through empirical and theoretical multi-disciplinary scholarship; the production of key publications in criminal justice; collaborative research; hosting of seminars/lectures/workshops/conferences and engagement with media/public/policy-makers/third sector.

  • Centre for Law and Society

    Established in 2006, the Centre for Law & Society is committed to facilitating and enhancing inter-disciplinary work on issues relating to law and society. The Centre encourages innovative, critical, policy-engaged scholarship, grounded in socio-legal, empirical, theoretical and inter-disciplinary methodologies, dealing with local, national, and global challenges at the intersection of law and society.

  • Centre for International Law and Human Rights

    Building on its established reputation of the Law School in the areas of international law and human rights and its strong taught and research postgraduate programmes, CILHR aims to promote: research and study in international law and human rights; excellence in the teaching of international law and human rights; the development of an environment for the discussion of current ideas and issues in international law and human rights; dissemination of this knowledge to academic and non-academic users (including policy-makers and civil society actors); and support and advance interdisciplinary study in international law and human rights.

  • Centre for Child and Family Justice Research

    Bringing together academics, practitioners and policy makers, the work of the Centre for Child and Family Justice Research is focused on the formal operation of family justice systems, but also broader social justice concerns. The Centre’s mission is to progress cutting-edge research that has real-world impacts with an explicit aim of improving the lives of children, young people and families.