Practices Research Seminar: TIME

Wednesday 28 February 2024, 4:30pm to 6:00pm


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Postgraduates, Staff, Undergraduates


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We warmly invite you to this research seminar hosted by the Practices research centre. The theme of this seminar will be ‘Time’.

We warmly invite you to this research seminar hosted by the Practices research centre. The theme of this seminar will be ‘Time’.


Andrew Quick, The Time of Now: Performance and Temporality

James Quinn, TEMPORALITIES - Art and Time Research Network

I will present a short introduction to my TEMPORALITIES website, a research network of thirteen national and international artists and academics whose practices explore the relations that can be forged between art and time. I will be doing so in order to encourage contributions and potential partnerships from artists and academics across LICA, and beyond. These partnerships/contributions will be used, in time, towards the funding of a publication, a series of national and international exhibitions, and an Art and Time symposium or conference, held at LICA.

Deniz Johns

Informed by the Expanded Cinema practices that grew in London Filmmakers Co-op in 1970s, I'll talk about film making practices that foreground "Real TIME/SPACE" (Le Grice) as supposed to reel time. And I'll elaborate on some of my works that attempt to root the audience in real time/space.

Gerry Davies, Flood Story

This presentation highlights how my series of Flood Story drawings use ideas of time, particularly ‘anachronism’ – the historical error, relic, leftover. To intentionally make visual anachronisms is to transpose and mix temporal references from one period to another to enhance and make vivid an idea.

Joe Lindley

We look back from here, in the 21st century, on 'pre-history', 'the dark ages', and 'the Enlightenment' and can see how, through those epochs, the world changes human beliefs and human beliefs change the world. This leads our civilisation to this globalised, technological, and anthropocentric moment in history. If we shift our frame of reference to the future and look back to 2024, I argue we'll see a world that was going through a 21st-century Enlightenment, a revivification of craft, practice and tacit knowledge.

Jen Southern, Rocky Climates

Rocky Climates is research network that brings together artists and researchers who are concerned with the mobilities and instabilities (temporal, spatial, cultural, environmental) of landscapes in uncertain times. This talk will highlight some examples from their recent exhibition Rocky Futures at the T2M mobilities conference in Konkuk University Seoul and online in collaboration with Future Everything.

Sarah Casey

This short presentation considers the drawing as tool to highlight the often imperceptible marks of passing time and act as a fruitful catalyst for thinking about the convergence of different timescales embodied in human and more-than-human objects.

Discussion + Q&A

Feel free to share this among your networks. Refreshments will be provided.

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Name Vanessa Longden

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