Supervisors in Art

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Profile picture of Dr Sarah Casey

Dr Sarah Casey

I am keen to supervise students with interests in drawing and materiality, and those interested in relationships between art and science, particularly in relation to drawing. I also welcome proposals from students using drawing or other forms of art practice working with museum collections, or site-specific contexts to examine the past to reflect on the future.

Further information can be found on Dr Sarah Casey's web profile.

Profile picture of Pip Dickens

Pip Dickens

I welcome enquiries from potential students interested in completing theses or dissertations on topics related to the following: the material practice of painting; aspects of Japanese aesthetics; natural phenomena, phantasmagoria and the liminal. I also have an interest in Cinema and developments in cinematic technology in particular early celluloid film, hand-tinting and colour use/symbology in Film.

Further information can be found on Pip Dickens' web profile.

Profile picture of Professor Charlie Gere

Professor Charlie Gere

I am interested in proposals from potential PhD students on the following topics: art and technology; new media art; computer art; digital culture; continental philosophy and technology; the effects of new media.

Further information can be found on Professor Charlie Gere's profile.

Profile picture of Dr James Quin

Dr James Quin

My research examines the temporal conditions of painting and the potential for repetitive strategies in re-thinking these conditions in ways that move beyond those ascribed to painting by convention. Starting from the premise that repetition is an engine of difference, I am also interested in the ways that an encounter with repeating images, specifically painting, temporalises the space of their encounter. In order to test the temporal conditions of the static image and the temporalisation of space, I explore the role of parallax motion in relation to paintings within labyrinthine installation spaces.

Further information can be found on Dr James Quin's web profile.

Profile picture of Professor Emma Rose

Professor Emma Rose

I'm interested in supervising doctoral students in the following areas: art and health; art and landscape; contemporary fine art practice with either a discipline or interdisciplinary focus; contemporary theoretical and critical debates in art; landscape and environment; art and mobilities.

More information can be found on Professor Emma Rose's profile.

Profile picture of Dr Jen Southern

Dr Jen Southern

My research and teaching combine new media, socially engaged and participatory art practices. My practice-based research is a hybrid of art practice and mobilities research, and I exhibit and publish internationally on this theme. With an ethos of shared authorship I collaborate with artists, technologists and members of the public to produce live installations that combine material and digital experience. I have worked in art/science collaborations, and my current practice is focussed on generative encounters between more-than-human systems that grow: from grass seeds, to gardeners, to machine learning. I am interested in interdisciplinary research and I am an Associate Director at the Centre for Mobilities Research. My art practice website is

More information can be found on Dr Jen Southern's web profile.