Supervisors in Film

Read about our tutors who supervise PhD projects in Film. Further information about our PhD Film scheme can be found on our course pages.

Profile picture of Dr Gary Bettinson

Dr Gary Bettinson

My research interests include:

  • Chinese cinema in general, Hong Kong cinema in particular
  • American cinema, with a particular focus on New Hollywood filmmaking (circa 1967-1975)
  • Film theory, especially poetics, neoformalism, and cognitive approaches to film

Much of my teaching clusters around these research areas. I convene the MA module “Research Methods in Contemporary Film Theory” and the undergraduate modules “Contemporary Hong Kong Cinema” and “Advanced Film Theory.” I also convene “Film and Comic Books,” and teach on “Apocalypse Then: New Hollywood Cinema.”

I am interested in supervising PhD projects related to any aspect of my teaching and research. Further information can be found on Dr Gary Bettinson's profile.

Profile picture of Dr Maryam Ghorbankarimi

Dr Maryam Ghorbankarimi

I am happy to discuss PhD proposals on any aspect of transnational cinemas and Middle Eastern Cinemas as well as gender and representation in film and TV. I am also interested to receive creative and practice based PhD proposals intersecting practice with any of the above topics.

More information can be found on Dr Maryam Ghorbankarimi's web profile.

Profile picture of Dr Jonathan Munby

Dr Jonathan Munby

I am interested in receiving PhD proposals on American Film (especially in the history and theory of Hollywood cinema); African American Culture and History (especially the relationship between film and race); Mixed Race/ Miscegenation and Cinema (globally); Censorship and Mass Media; European Exiles and Hollywood; American Popular Culture/ Theories of Popular Culture.

Further information can be found on Dr Jonathan Munby's web profile.