Dr John Pill

Lecturer in Language Testing

Research Overview

I undertake research on testing language for specific purposes, the scope and definition of language constructs in particular contexts, speaking assessment, language assessment literacy, test users’ perspectives, and test impact.

More generally, I am interested in the nature of discourse communities and how newcomers gain access to them in terms of language. I study English in medical/healthcare contexts and in academic contexts.

My post at Lancaster University is the Trinity College London Lectureship in Language Testing and I am involved in research with Trinity College London.

Review of Aryadoust, V., & Fox, J. (Eds.). (2016). Trends in language assessment research and practice: The view from the Middle East and the Pacific Rim. Newcastle upon Tyne, UK: Cambridge Scholars Publishing. (632 pp.).
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Book/Film/Article review

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Journal article

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Journal article

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Journal article

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Other report

Maintaining the connection between test and context: A language test for university admission
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Journal article

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Chapter (peer-reviewed)

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Journal article

Assessing health professionals
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Chapter (peer-reviewed)

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Journal article

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Journal article