Working with ultrasound tongue imaging in Lancaster’s state of the art phonetics laboratory


Our department has long been recognized as an internationally excellent centre for the study of English Language and Linguistics. For the last forty years, we have been known for cutting-edge empirically-based theoretical and applied linguistics research in a wide range of areas. Our mission is to shape and inform pressing cultural, social and educational issues through engagement with key stakeholders in the UK and at a global level.

In our research, we aim to:

  • continue to develop areas where our research has been especially distinctive
  • embed linguistic research in an interdisciplinary social science and humanities context
  • promote work across sub-disciplines within linguistics, especially collaborations between theoretical, social and applied researchers
  • to engage with users of our research in academia, education, business enterprises and social action

Research centres & groups

With research groups in corpus studies, discourse analysis, literacy studies, second language learning and teaching, and language testing, the opportunities for learning extend far beyond the classroom. We encourage all postgraduate students to become active members of our engaging and dynamic Department.


Research facilities

The Department has some outstanding resources. We have fully equipped laboratories for eye-tracking, phonetics, EEG (Electroencephalography) and child language analysis. These facilities are used by undergraduate students, postgraduate students and staff for a variety of research projects.


Research Facilities

Staff research interests

Our staff have a wide range of research interests across linguistics and the English language.

Research Interests