Visiting researchers and postgraduate students


The department welcomes applications from academic staff members at other universities or tertiary institutions who wish to spend a period of up to 12 months at Lancaster to engage in language-related research.

As a visiting researcher, you are usually charged a fee, except where you come to Lancaster as part of an established academic link scheme or where you are appointed by the University as a visiting fellow. The fee covers your use of the Department's and the University's facilities; in addition, you are assigned a member of staff who will act as your primary point of contact during your stay at Lancaster.

We expect applicants to hold a PhD or a senior academic position and to teach at postgraduate level. Publications in peer-reviewed international journals are desirable. We regret that for reasons of space and availability of staff members, we have to keep a limit on the numbers of visitors and cannot accept all requests.

Postgraduate students

Students who have a first degree from another university and are pursuing a postgraduate degree can apply to be visiting postgraduate students. As a visiting postgraduate student you are treated just the same as the Department's own students. For example, you can attend courses and research groups, have your work supervised and assessed by a member of academic staff, make use of student accommodation and welfare facilities, etc. However, you will not be registered for a degree at Lancaster University.

  • all visiting PGR students are charged a registration levy of £500;
  • no additional charge is made for visits of up to three months’ duration;
  • for visits of more than three months, students will additionally become liable for 25% of the relevant published fee for each subsequent quarter or part thereof;
  • students studying at Lancaster for the full academic year will be charged 100% of the standard fee.

How to apply

If you wish to apply as a visiting researcher or postgraduate student please contact Louise Aspinall.

Do NOT send multiple copies of identical emails to several members of staff. Louise will reply to your email with details of how to apply as a visitor.