Dr Oksana Afitska

Lecturer in TESOL


I joined Lancaster University as a lecturer in TESOL in 2018. Prior to my work at Lancaster University I worked for seven years as a lecturer in applied linguistics at Sheffield University and prior to that - as a tutor and a research assistant at the University of Bristol.

My research interests lie in the areas of TESOL, EAL and CLIL pedagogy, [formative] language assessmnet, curriculum and materials development. I have extensive experience in teaching across various contexts (University level teaching as well as teaching in primary and secondary schools in the UK and abroad) and in research methods (action research, classroom-based research, intervention research, mixed methods research).

I also review manuscripts for academic journals such as the International Journal of Educational Development, Journal of Applied Linguistics, Language Assessment Quarterly, Science Education and Journal of English for Academic Purposes.

Mitigating the Effect of Language in the Assessment of Science: A study of English Language Learners in Primary Classrooms in the UK.
Afitska, O., Heaton, T. 30/08/2019 In: Science Education. 27 p.
Journal article

Translanguaging in diverse multilingual classrooms in England: oasis or a mirage?
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Journal article

Exploring teacher and learner views on the use of formative assessment in primary EAL classrooms: a case study
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Journal article

Supporting teachers in EAL classrooms: working towards the centralised provision of subject-specific, EAL-tailored resources for primary classrooms
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Journal article

Scaffolding learning: developing materials to support the learning of science and language by non-native English-speaking students
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Journal article

Talking about teaching and learning science in the EAL context: interviewing teachers and learners in primary classrooms
Afitska, O. 2015
Other chapter contribution

Teaching science to EAL learners at Key Stage Two
Afitska, O. 2015
Other chapter contribution

Formative use of language assessment: Supporting learning through the medium of a second language
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Journal article

Use of formative assessment, self- and peer-assessment in the classrooms: some insights from recent language testing and assessment research.
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Review article

Dilemmas of language choice in education in Tanzania and Ghana
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Journal article