Dr Patrick Rebuschat

Professor of Linguistics and Cognitive Science

Research Overview

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My research focuses on bilingual cognition, i.e. I am interested in how we acquire and process a second language. I am particularly interested in the implicit and explicit learning of languages. My work addresses questions such as the following: What role do individual differences play in language acquisition? How does explicit knowledge affect implicit learning? What is the role of frequency in language acquisition? How do we measure implicit and explicit knowledge? How are implicit and explicit knowledge represented in the mind and, ultimately, the brain?

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Measuring implicit and explicit knowledge in second language research
Rebuschat, P. 09/2013 In: Language Learning. 63, 3, p. 595–626. 32 p.
Journal article

Implicit and explicit knowledge in second language acquisition
Rebuschat, P., Williams, J.N. 10/2012 In: Applied Psycholinguistics. 33, 4, p. 829-856. 28 p.
Journal article