Dr Sam Kirkham


Research Overview

I am interested in the interdisciplinary study of speech, sound and language. My research focuses on how people produce the sounds of speech, including vocal tract movements, acoustic characteristics, and variation between languages and dialects. I do fieldwork and laboratory research to address descriptive and theoretical questions in these areas, using methods such as acoustic analysis, vocal tract imaging (ultrasound, electromagnetic articulography) and statistical modelling. Most of my current research is on various topics in articulatory sociophonetics, such as:

I also work on other topics in phonetics and sociophonetics, including liquid consonants, phonetics of contact varieties, and dialect variation. Some ongoing projects include:

Dialect variation in formant dynamics: The acoustics of lateral and vowel sequences in Manchester and Liverpool English
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Journal article

Studying intonation in varieties of English: Gender and individual variation in Liverpool
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An acoustic-articulatory study of bilingual vowel production: advanced tongue root vowels in Twi and tense/lax vowels in Ghanaian English
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Journal article

Ethnicity and phonetic variation in Sheffield English liquids
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Journal article

Constructing multiculturalism at school: negotiating tensions in talk about ethnic diversity
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Journal article

Constructing social meaning in political discourse: phonetic variation and verb processes in Ed Miliband's speeches
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Journal article

Research, relationships and reflexivity: two case studies of language and identity
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Chapter (peer-reviewed)

Intersectionality and the social meanings of variation: class, ethnicity, and social practice
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Journal article

Acoustic and articulatory variation in British Asian English liquids
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Chapter (peer-reviewed)

Intonational variation in Liverpool English
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Chapter (peer-reviewed)

Research, relationships and reflexitvity: two case studies of language and identity
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Ethnicity, social practice and phonetic variation in a Sheffield secondary school
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Doctoral Thesis

Personal style and epistemic stance in classroom discussion
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Journal article

The acoustics of coronal stops in British Asian English
Kirkham, S. 2011
Conference contribution/Paper