Professor Tineke Brunfaut

Professor in Linguistics and English Language

Research Overview

My main research interests are language testing, and reading and listening in a second/foreign language. In recent research, I have focused on:

A. Cognitive and affective factors and processes in testing:

B. Methodology in language testing research

C. Language test development

I am a recipient of the ILTA Best Article Award, the e-Assessment Award for Best Research, and the TOEFL Outstanding Young Scholar Award.

I regularly conduct language test development and consultancy work for professional and educational bodies around the world.

Motivational factors in computer-administered integrated skills tasks: A study of young learners
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Achievement Tests. Aptitude tests. Diagnostic tests. DIALANG. Dictation. Direct/Indirect testing. Discrete point tests. Integrated tests. Integrative tests. Placement tests. Proficiency tests. Progress tests. Reliability. Validity.
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