Professor Paul Chilton

Emeritus Professor

Selected Publications

Language, space and mind: the conceptual geometry of linguistic meaning
Chilton, P. 10/07/2014 Cambridge University Press. 325 p.

Frames of reference and the linguistic conceptualization of time: present and future
Chilton, P. 2013 In: Time. Oxford : Oxford University Press p. 236-258. 23 p.
Chapter (peer-reviewed)

From mind to grammar: coordinate systems, prepositions, constructions
Chilton, P. 2010 In: Language, cognition and space. London : Equinox Publishing ISBN: 9781845532529.

Language, cognition, and space: the state of the art and new directions
Evans, V., Chilton, P. 2010 London : Equinox. ISBN: 9781845535018 .