"'How emotional do I make it?' Making a stance in multimodal compositions" Jennifer Rowsell, University of Bristol, Literacy Research Discussion Group

Tuesday 31 March 2020, 1:00pm to 2:00pm


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Postgraduates, Staff


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How emotional do I make it? Making a stance in multimodal compositions Jennifer Rowsell, University of Bristol Literacy Research Discussion Group

The phrase, how emotional do I make it came directly from a teenager’s artist notebook that she shared with me as she planned out her self-portrait for a project on selfies and self-portraiture. Starting from affect theory coupled with Hannah Arendt’s theories of making meaning, I will present research with teenagers who took stances in multimodal compositions made up of selfies/self-portraits/and written artist statements. Built on a five-year funded arts-based research study in Canada across primary and secondary schools, the presentation will focus on a photography project that explores modern portraiture through the medium of the selfie. Profiling each young person’s multimodal stance, I will build an argument and attendant model for contemporary composition that provokes researchers (hopefully) to push for change and share ideas and inspirations for reimaging compositional teaching and learning in secondary school. There is an activist agenda to these young peoples’ work and I apply affect theory to examine how stance materializes within compositions and the implications of these stances for how literacy researchers frame modern writing.

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