Congratulations, Dr Walker!

A group of people holding certificates.
From left to right: Yuxin (Cindy) Ge, Patrick Rebuschat, Neil Walker, Padraic Monaghan, and Aina Casaponsa.

Many congratulations to our PhD student Neil Walker, who successfully passed his viva today.

Neil’s PhD focused on “Distinctions in the Acquisition of Vocabulary and Grammar: An Individual Differences Approach” and will soon be made available via Lancaster University’s public depository.

But in the meantime, you can find out more about Neil’s exciting research in his paper published in the journal Language Learning. Please click the following link to access the paper, it's Open Access: Walker et al., 2020.

We are very grateful to our examiners, Professor Andres Révész (University College London) and Dr Aina Casaponsa (Lancaster), for taking the time to assess Neil’s dissertation and for the valuable feedback!

Neil was jointly (and happily) supervised by Professor Patrick Rebuschat (Linguistics) and Professor Padraic Monaghan (Psychology), co-directors of Lancaster's Language Learning Lab.

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